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Welcome to the trough of life.

A broad and deep trench of green territories surrounded by mountainous regions with a history older than the memory of Elves. The lands have weathered the tides of power as they shift among the life and spirits that gather there. After many hundreds of years of Brutal wars 2 factions of peoples came to an understanding. The common folk of the world will forever be in conflict with the monstrous whoever they may be.

The Lands

The world as it is known to most is a long trough in the world that runs North and South through 2 mountainous regions to the East and West that are said to converge far to the south. To the North is a Great forest, and beyond it is said to be vast plains. At the center and deepest parts of the trough lies the The Sea of Souls.

The Sea of Souls

The East

The Kingdom of Vell
The Kingdom of Tridracous
  • The Blood Wall
  • The City of Tridracus
  • The Grand Library
  • the Bastion
  • the Darkwood road
The Principality of Perstanti

The West

The North

The South

Main Page

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