Thunder on the wind

Drawing the Wall Part 2

The Companions of the Blood Wall having made camp within the fortified wall fort take a much needed rest. Giant sized golums are ordered to guard the wall and throw rocks at the enemy fortifications across the river ford. The Thunders army of Hobgoblins, Ogres and Plague zombies amass behind their hasty fortifications and cater to the will of their Master, The Thunderer. Crom, and his dire wolf companion, have been drawn into the ether of the fey and battle a powerful dwarven assassin their ghostly figures only occasionally visible in the night fog.
Sir Fredericks Squire Ray, arrives in the early morning with the lead units of the Companions army. The Army makes camp within the wall fort and gains a brief rest after some brief planning for the mornings attack.
The strongest of the companions army follow the remaining Golums to attack the right flank across the ford to draw some of the enemies force away and to clear some of the Plague Zombies with bow and crossbow. At a signal from The Blood Wall Companions the Army retreats as the great earthen wall of the fortification reforms into a gryphons head and the Companions Charge forth as an irresistible force of fire and war horses charge over barriers and deeply into the ranks of the assembled Hobgoblin warrior elites. The great wall rises behind them with a spectacular show of thorned green tentacles and stone warriors and steeds crushing the broken defenders.

Weaving up the rising path to the top of the hill the companions reach the camp of the Thunderer, General and Master of the Hobgoblin Hordes where they are forced to stop to destroy the gates to the generals sanctuary. Arrows briefly rain down on the party with no effect as they charge once more through the threshold. Rows of Elite guards line the path and a single dwarf stands before an empty stone throne, and is trampled to death. Too late, Staranck warns of a dragon invisible to the rest of the companions and a bolt of lightening and deafening thunder issue forth from the deformed black maw of the Thunderer.
In desperation Sir Frederick channels the raw fey power of the red gem to deflect the deadly bolt. Fully half of the gems energy is expended in a blast of energy as reality is briefly warped around the companions, saving them. The shock wave clears the field of lesser beings as they are swept away by the force. The Iron Dragon, stunned and enraged is thrown to the ground but recovers quickly, standing to tower defiantly before the companions. The ancient iron dragon known as the Thunderer faces the deafened party. It’s wings are tattered and scarred with old wounds leaving them looking almost skeletal. A tarnished metal band is bound around the beasts head covering it’s eyes. The thick band has been in place long enough for the creatures flesh and bone to have grown around it.
Sir Connel engages the beast with Staranck and the warrior Brawn while Sir Frederick charges the dragon over and over wearing it down. The fates are in force and the divine might of the party is brought to bear. A well placed shot by Madoc reveals that the iron band may be a weakness and with the divine aid of Madoc’s father strikes a powerful blow with his lance that breaks the band. The Thunderer Screams in pain vomiting black ichor over Sir Conall before attempting a staggering retreat- lashing out wildly with Claws and tail felling some of the party. The companions are unrelenting and beat the Thunderer until it finally collapses and is beheaded.

The denuded dragons mount is silent and empty of foes. In the distance through the smoke the companions army can be seen chasing down Hobgoblin stragglers as the move beyond the blood walls guardians.

All of the companions who were deafened by the Thunderer remained deafened and feel somewhat detached from the world. Though when they are working together closely they seem to communicate well without having to speak.

(Party is now 12th level, there are 16 points remaining on the red gem – enough for 1 day or 2 if you rest)


All of the companions who were deafened by the Thunderer remained deafened and feel somewhat detached from the world. Though when they are working together closely they seem to communicate well without having to speak.

Party is 12th Level with 180,000xp, choosing to sacrifice xp to heal the otherwise permanent deafness.
The Party will rest on the dragon mount surrounded by their army.

The battle with the Thunderer has left the companions, and their horses, changed: (all effects are permanent, but 1 lvl of XP may be sacrificed by the group to remove 1 effect.

-* Deafness- canceled (Non-companion mounts are still deaf)

  • The blood eye – Ray mentions an unsettling red reflection in the eyes of Sir Frederick and the other companions that fought the dragon.
    – (Companions Eyes become a permanent magic item allowing 1/day activate DR 5/Magic for d4 rounds. – when activated, 5HP of wounds caused by non-magical weapons heal within seconds)
    – Limited telepathy between the companions.
  • The Fey Calling: is really just a tool for me to use in future adventures. It is a power that will summon the Players to a person or place that needs their aid against disruptive forces. Slythean, the Elven Cavelier that serves the Silver, is the remaining member of the previous companions and also has the Fey calling.
there are 16 points remaining on the red gem – enough for 1 day or 2 if you rest.

Ray has reported encountering monsters the army is calling “Wall touched” and suspects that they are creatures or people warped by the magics of the wall. Some of his own have become “wall touched”.

There is enough Iron Dragon hide to have an Armorer make: Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragonslayer’s Handbook
This black scaled hide is nearly a thumbs width thick, Hardness 10, Cost x2, the armor (but not the wearer) is immune to electrical attacks – the cost to add such protection is reduced by 25%.
2 suits of Masterwork Hide and 2 Light or heavy masterwork shields.
1 masterwork breastplate or suit of full plate and 2 Light or heavy masterwork shields.
2 sets of of Masterwork barding and 1 Masterwork saddle and 2 Light or heavy masterwork shields.

Also: The choicest, most malleable skin from a dragon’s underbelly can be added to any weapon with a hilt or handle. Dragonskin grips may be added to an existing weapon, or incorporated into a new weapon during crafting. The skin provides extra grip, granting the wielder a +2 bonus to CMD against disarm attempts. Producing a dragonskin grip requires the Dragoncrafting feat and a successful DC 15 Craft (bows or weapons) check.

  • Masterwork Chain Shirt : 250gp [+]
  • Potion of Remove curse {3rd/5th} : 750gp
  • Potion of Remove disease {3rd/5th} : 750gp
  • Hand of the mage : 900gp
  • Potion of Protection from energy, electricity {3rd/5th} : 750gp
  • Potion of Gaseous form {3rd/5th} : 750gp
  • Potion of Hide from undead {1st/1st} : 50gp
  • Arcane Scroll, Telekinesis {5th/9th} : 1125gp
  • Divine Scroll, Summon monster V {5th/9th} : 1125gp
  • Divine Scroll, Mark of justice {5th/9th} : 1125gp
  • Wand of Magic circle against good {3rd/5th} : 11250gp
  • Elixir of love : 150gp
  • A greater strand of prayer beads – has a bead of healing, a bead of karma, and a bead of wind walking
  • A Siege Cannon
Treasure Value + Gems & Jewels(1662gp) + Coins(6598gp)

Additionally there was a large horde of treasures, artworks, weapons and armor plundered by the Hobgoblins that is recovered by the Army.

Drawing the Wall Part 2
Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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