Blood eyes of the companion (PCs name here)

The eyes of the bloodwall companions


The Blood wall Companions Eyes become a permanent magic items

  • 1/day activate DR 5/Magic for d4 rounds. (when activated, 5HP of wounds caused by non-magical weapons heal within seconds)
  • Limited telepathy between the companions. (When they are working together closely they seem to communicate well without having to speak.)
  • an additional effect specific to each character.

Sir Frederick not yet known (summon mounts 1/day? Grant a Heroic blessing?)
Sir Fredericks Mount unknown (protection from elements? Glide?)

Conall Malachi 1/day Sir Conall can choose to create a mass sanctuary that will protect all 4CR or lower humanoids within a 10’ radius. Cast as a 14th level Cleric with appropriate Charisma bonus.

Staranck 1/day he may apply meta magic knockdown to a spell at no addition cost. (as a staff)

Sir Crom Grumdalsen not yet known (attacks can overcome DR incorporeal ?)
Croms’ Dire Wolf (unknown)

Madoc gains +1 Wisdom

Madocs Father (unknown)


The raw Fey magic expelled by the Red Gem called the Key of souls has altered the companions sworn to carry it after it was used to shield them from the lightening breath of The Thunderer. An unsettling red reflection can be seen in the eyes of Sir Frederick and the other companions of the The Blood wall.

Blood eyes of the companion (PCs name here)

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