Sir Crom Grumdalsen

A Barbarian of the High steps of Goth and Knight of the Silver, the Lady of the Dark Wood


Crom Grumdalsen is the son of the Chief of the Dog Tribe of the People of the Sea of Grass, which is no more. He was driven into the lowlands by the horde of Goblins, and is currently working with the party to restore the Blood Wall.

Crom is well over six feet tall, with sun-bleached hair and extremely tan skin. His forehead is dominated by a silver scar in the shape of a “S” with a circle in it. He wears a large stone phallus around his neck and two greatswords crossed at his back. One is unassuming, while the other is very ornate, a gift from his Lady and a symbol of his office.

He thinks his name is spelled Krom Grendelson. This will lead to difficulties with reading.


Sir Crom Grumdalsen

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