• Conall Malachi

    Conall Malachi

    Paladin of Nights of Celestria
  • Condro


    An applicant to the Dragon Gaurd of Tridracus.
  • Count Bast

    Count Bast

    An old and respected Lord
  • Gaabryn


    Sgt. of Persant
  • Madoc


    Madoc the half-elf was turned out of his mother's elven community at a young age when his mother met an untimely end. He somehow managed to survive and find direction through religious devotion, although what that direction is or to what power he is devot
  • Sir Crom Grumdalsen

    Sir Crom Grumdalsen

    A Barbarian of the High steps of Goth and Knight of the Silver, the Lady of the Dark Wood
  • Sir Frederick

    Sir Frederick

    Knight of Persant
  • Sir Thraster

    Sir Thraster

    A Knight of Persant who brooks no oppostion
  • Staranck


    A short charismatic sorcerer who is a military enthusiast