Thunder on the wind

Session 15

Sir Frederick tries valiently to organize and assess the situation and while he and Conall Malachi were examining the Prince and commoners frozen bodies. Staranck cast a web covering one of the dark tunnels to keep intruders out. Then he cast enlarge on Crom Grumdalsen who proceeded to hack through the ice on the ceiling near the Monstrous being, collapsing a large amount of ice to the floor and partially freeing the Beast. (adding difficult terrain to the darkness and ice) Battle ensued. The prince was slain ultimately by Madoc with the venomous dagger while many of the combatants were becalmed by an earlier spell he had cast. The Skum Oni was slain? by shocking grasps and monsterous hacking by Staranckand Crom Grumdalsen(67 dam in one critical stroke)with Sir Frederick aiding another. Also joining the fray were 8 or so skum Toadmen summoned by the Oni. It was a difficult fight in cold icy and difficult terrain with visability limited to 10-15 feet by the steam of melting ice and darkness and low ceilings. The party was damaged but victorious and has claimed the sword, Broach and other items. There was an additional battle with a grey ooze hiding in wait in a storage room Maddoc encountered which was driven off with fire but not before it had dissolved Maddocs boots and part of his leg.

+2000 xp


broach – Frederick: Gold broach with ruby stone, unfinished and glows of own accord, element of the fey about it, diminishing light and fey sence. trasnsformitive magic.
Sword- Krom: Great Sword, Silver keen edge, elvin, figure of dragon carved in pummel. blue gem imbeded into it and cold to the touch. +3 sword, evocation magic contained within it.
Prince – Krom: masterwork chain shirt, shield masterwork, light steel. ring +1 of protection.
Faltion- Masterwork +2
swords on trident (2)
Masterwork Dagger +1 – Conall
storage room-
collection of orcish weapons.
Orc double act superior quality
Short swords
Potion sanctuary, Scroll gassious form, spyglass,mastwork leather studded armor
bracers, AC 3, fan-feather tolken, Ancor – feather tolken

Session 15
Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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