The Blood wall

A great wall built to protect keep the Monstrous hordes away from the newly formed Kingdom of Persant and the Elven Kingdom of Darkwood.

Remnants of the wall remain but much of it has fallen into ruin and forms a raised grass covered berm rather than a true wall.
In the Battles between the monsterous folk and the civil folk much blood was spilled and made it’s way to the sea of souls.
The followers of Craven, a minor deity and hero, believe that Craven fixed his cloaks broach to the waters of the sea and with it, and a host of the lands bravest horsemen, pulled a wall of souls across the land from the blood red waters.


Things we know about Blood Wall

-To Raise the Blood wall
The Blood wall is tied to the key (broach)
The Broach is charged by the water of the well of souls
There is a portal to the well of souls (The key shows the way to the portal)
However long the charge lasts is based on the carrier of the key. Craven was honored for his courage and un-wavering focus.

Note: Craven was not drinking while drawing the wall. Craven Died at the end of raising the wall.
Craven’s Race Song
-What we know about how the wall works
Raises an un-cross-able barrier that eventually falls away.

Note: Promise of the wall is the enemy will be expelled. It is assumed that it is a feared magic that will drive the enemy away.

Historical Facts
Cravens Race was a week long ride through Persant
He appeared at Count Bastse and wall seemed to start there. However there was a wall through the dark wall to where we guess the pass to Count Bastse.
Nobody lived who was on the face side of the wall.

the blood wall game mechanic

At the Well of Cellestria or Well of souls Cravens Gem draws 1hour of raw fey energy into itself for each hour spent by the well.
Will save DC14 to keep from being pulled into the well and randomly transformed by the energies. DC16 to step away from the well. For every day spent bonded to the Gem there is a cumulative 4% chance that a permanent fey mutation will alter each character her items or mounts/companions.

The total time charging the gem = it’s power points. Power points start to drain away at 1/hour after leaving the fey.
The powers of the gem can be used in the following ways:

1 Build wall; -10 power for each day traveled without rest.
2 rest; regain +5 power 2d8 hp 3 spells for every 4 hours rested.
3 attack; -5 power, +3 crit range and DR6 for party
4 fortify; -15 power but creates a protective stronghold with guardians

The wall is a rough upthrusting of rock 40-60 feet tall on which elementals and animated plants live for several months occasionally wandering forth or spawning fantastic creatures. It causes fear in all intelligent creatures within 120’ DC14. Eventually the magic of the wall will fade and it will begign to crumble down forming hills.

The wall causes fear DC16, and anyone within 40 feet of the gem carriers path of travel when the wall is formed must make a DC 18 reflex save for 8d6 damage or be killed.

When the wall is first formed, 1d3, on the “friendly side”, and 1d6, on the “enemy side”, Large to huge elementals or monsters fall from the wall and attack everything within 1/2 mile.

Each day of travel the party will roll and compare wills. the winning characters personality, force of will and desires should be reflected in some way by the wall. a natural 20 roll that wins may call forth an uncontrolled colossal elemental to rampage for 1d6 days.

The Blood wall

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