Thunder on the wind

Session 15

Sir Frederick tries valiently to organize and assess the situation and while he and Conall Malachi were examining the Prince and commoners frozen bodies. Staranck cast a web covering one of the dark tunnels to keep intruders out. Then he cast enlarge on Crom Grumdalsen who proceeded to hack through the ice on the ceiling near the Monstrous being, collapsing a large amount of ice to the floor and partially freeing the Beast. (adding difficult terrain to the darkness and ice) Battle ensued. The prince was slain ultimately by Madoc with the venomous dagger while many of the combatants were becalmed by an earlier spell he had cast. The Skum Oni was slain? by shocking grasps and monsterous hacking by Staranckand Crom Grumdalsen(67 dam in one critical stroke)with Sir Frederick aiding another. Also joining the fray were 8 or so skum Toadmen summoned by the Oni. It was a difficult fight in cold icy and difficult terrain with visability limited to 10-15 feet by the steam of melting ice and darkness and low ceilings. The party was damaged but victorious and has claimed the sword, Broach and other items. There was an additional battle with a grey ooze hiding in wait in a storage room Maddoc encountered which was driven off with fire but not before it had dissolved Maddocs boots and part of his leg.

+2000 xp

The Shard's Eye

NEXT GAME April 8th

Everyone have 300 XP and stay safe.

…As the party approaches the fog enshrouded island the ship fades from view as it casts off, the muted sounds of oars, cracking ice and dripping water seem to echo from the distant towering cliffs of the mountains and mute all other noise. The Panther growls deep in it’s throat at some unseen menace.

Cordon destroys some sort of shark alter and the party is attacked by fish/frog men. (skum) after taking up defensive positions on the short stairway to the lighthouse, the party drives off the skum. Some time is spent exploring (and looting) the cottage and tower a secret door leading to a spiral staircase down is found. At the bottom behind a barred door, the party finds a giant versoin of the “shark headed” skum confronting the Prince of Kilithe. Both figures are frozen in a column of “Fey ice”. The room is cold, dark, and covered in ice. the sounds of splashing can be heard from corridors in the darkness.

Session 13
Into the Bay?

A reliquary for Craven.

Sir Frederick finds Cravens (d and falling apart) mug of Ivory and Silver in Maggie Mayhem’s shop and an agreement is struck that Sir Frederick will pay for the construction of a fine cabinet to display the “Relic” of Craven, Hero of the great war. Minstrels are paid to sing his praises through-out the land and Maggie discretely sets the agreeable amount pilgrims may pay to see the artifact in her shop. (No cost, free advertising, and she gets to charge customers just to browse her shop… and sell commemorative tokens.) – or at the worst she gets a new shelf and the belt of Sir Frederick to adorn her shop.

The party Makes it’s way to Clayport accompanied by Condro and Lady Bagfase. There they meet Captain Bagfase and put up their horses with Baldric. The Journey is fishy smelling and mostly uneventful with the exception of some gagging sounds from the large cat and Barbarian.

They eventually arrive at their destination and disembark onto the rapidly melting ice surrounding Beacon island (Frost Island)

Session 12
The Prince's tale

Lunch with the Royalty

Lunch is in a large Airy Dinning hall open to the courtyard balcony on one side. Attending are:
Yorick Falstaff – Seneshall and Head of affairs- distracted but fastidious. Very interested in Persant’s current events.

Micheal – Elwood Wainscott the 4th – Has an odd look to him (fey-marked) He is concerned about the increase in refugees and impact w/ elves and the Darkwood.

Mordin Sage – Dark brooding and lethal looking, he is the current commander of the Dragon Guard – an elite combat and scouting force that is feared and respected.

4 Dragon Guards- tattooed stoic but have a up to something aura about them. It is discovered later that they have captured a bugbear and had him wrapped in a green ribbon with bells – exactly as ordered.

Froth – Master brewer, Halfling / sage will tell the story of the Lost Prince of Kilithe.

The tale of The lost Prince of Kilithe

By the agreement of the peace moot after the colonists of Persant had driven back and defeated the hordes of the great incursion, the Blood Clasp was given to the Ruler of the Fortress city of Kilithe were The hero Craven is entombed. There it remained in the Vaults, and should have remained. Persant Blossomed into a fine Kingdom of honorable deeds and wealth came to the kingdom in the form of metal, wool, wheat, and the Finest horses. But the greed of the Nobles of Persant combined with the eventual boredom of the knights bred internal conflicts.
About 40 years ago Prince Tommilo Bogwrathe, Lord of Kilithe Fortress over the forests of Bast, and hater of Elves died of mysterious circumstances. The blame was put on Elven assassins, and his son Prince Padd Bogwrathe under the guidance of an appointed advisor became the Tyrant of Kilithe. He was well known for his excesses and desire for conflict. He was the lord responsible for many of the early border conflicts between Tridracus and Persant. It is told that in the days following the Destruction of the trade bridge between our kingdoms he went quite mad with rage and attempted to lead an invasion by sea. When the King of Persant denied the ships he demanded he commandeered 3 privateers who in time reported that he had “fallen overboard in a terrible accident” in which two of the ships was lost in The Breach. (The Advisor has since ruled Kilithe – Count Ericor, and continued many of the same excesses)

The tale of the frozen isle of Shards Eye

Lady Bagfase – A “Lady” from the coast and a bit of a story teller. She discovered the map fragment and knows the fisher folk lore fairly well. Her Father owns a fishing vessel.Wants passage to Apple cove.

The Beacon is a small abandoned lighthouse on a small rocky Island in the Breach, a narrow and dangerous straight once used by privateers and owned by Persant. The passage has been plagued by fog and ice , even in summer, rendering it useless.

See the Main map for a Map of the Tridracus coast.

Session 11

XP so far 6263

The Silver’s Grotto

The Party has been accompanied deep into the Darkwood and, after leaving their weapons aside, into the hidden grotto of The Silver. The grotto is located at the end of a gorge with sheer cliffs of grey-black sandstone rising nearly 200 feet above the valley floor. The deep, cool gorge, which is only 100 feet wide in places has numerous waterfalls cascading over its sandstone cliffs. Plant life, including hemlock and birch trees and various types of wildflowers, ferns and moss thrive in the gorge. A cascading waterfall, a wide recess cave and a small pond line the far edge of the Grotto. The group is led to a circle of polished white stone lined with Benches at the center of the immaculate woodland and their every need is attended to by Elven servants dressed in diaphanous clothing. There is a light fog close to the ground. Brian senses a strong fey presence here and refuses all food or drink and is generally surly though the rest of the party relaxes bathes and eats. When all are resting about the warmth of bracers about the white circle in the clothing offered while their own clothes are washed the attendants fade into the darkness and The Silver walks silently into the circle.

The aura and presence of The Silver is sublime. While she wears a similar plain white gown as her attendants did, She radiates nobility, strength and beauty. Her long white hair flows over lithe muscled shoulders and pale skin. At her brow a plain silver circlet rests complementing elven features and dark eyes with pink irises.

Introductions are made and Sir Frederick delivers Count Bast’s message. She has him read it aloud while leaning on Crom and feeding him grapes. "I Count Bast, High lord of the eastern Darkwood and keeper of the Western Gate of the blood wall do hereby grant Sir Frederick, who bears my mark, the authority to speak on my behalf, and thus on the behalf of the Kingdom of Persant in all matters that may concern the safety of it’s people. " The Silver adds her mark to the paper, recognizing his authority, and declares that she will aid Count Bast and Persant in exchange for the peaceful return of the Eastern Darkwood to her territories. A somewhat stunned and awed Sir Frederick nods numbly in agreement adding that He will do his best to honor that agreement if it is Count Bast’s will… after which The Silvers somewhat feral smile disarms him completely.

The Silver performs a scrying and shows the party the frozen image of a young Knight of Persant she says is a foolish prince of Kilithe trapped upon an island of ice and light. He stands, longsword raised to strike and shield in hand. On his cloak is a ornate clasp of gold and silver with a large ruby. The clasp she claims is the key needed to restore the wall. His sword is mine and was taken without my leave. If the prince still lives, kill him. Return with the clasp and she will instruct you in it’s use.

Madoc Asks for information about his heritage, specifically his Elven father. The Queen of the Darkwood firmly takes his hand in hers, cuts him across the palm with a nail and licks his palm. (which goes numb) She says she knows all who live in her wood and will give him the information he seeks if he agrees to aid Sir Frederick keep his word to her. This encounter seems to have some lasting effect on Madoc who mumbles to himself more than usual in the following days. (Madoc gains the temporary trait- Connected to The Silver>

The party is then dismissed and taken to rooms prepared for them while Slythean conducts business of his own with The Silver.

The City of Tridracus

The Party is guided to the Library’s within the city of Tridracus to seek information about the island of ice and light.
In the city the party splits up, each seeking knowledge in her own way.
Gaabryn befriends the son of a fisherman from Clay port on the martial practice fields, and later in the Cloak and riposte (Fighters and Flagons) where she enjoys strong ale and fiery dragon wings under a mounted red dragon head.
Sir Frederick meets with the local Nobility and secures rooms at the main inn.
While the expense of the library deters most of the party Conall Malachi Pallidin of Celestria (Patron Goddess of the Kingdom) gains free access though has little luck the first day and is instead distracted by a treatise on the construction of wells.
Crom explores the high-brow Thinkers and drinkers tavern and is beset by a trio of sages who are most interested in his Barbarian heritage, questioning and recording notes well into the night. An experience Crom finds most satisfying. One of the sages – master Froth, a halfling vintner, offers to help with research in the library; Another identifies the species of the barbarians new puppy as a Dire Wolf pup. Staranck looks after Crom suspecting that he may get into trouble.
Madoc discovers Maggy Mayhems lost emporium, a purveyor of many objects of both exotic and mundane interest. He gets up to some mischief with a sample of an experimental potion and a cat, (and later by dosing a drunk Gaabryn. Crom returns here in the morning and spends all of his gold on 3 doses of a potion that he hopes will help him locate his lost relatives.

Session 10

The party passes into the Darkwood, stays the night in an Elvin village. Slythean discovers how long he has been out of the world. The party reaches the Silvers grotto.

Session 9

Wherein the party narrowly avoids the enticements of a “Fey portal” and escapes Cravens race emerging at “the moot”. They gain a companion from the Fey portal – Sythian – an Elvin palidin who seeks and finds honorable combat with knightly members of the party. He loses and agrees to escort the party through the Elven territory known as the darkwood.

Session 8
What Roderick found

xp 4783

The Party makes camp in an underground stronghold while several members recover from incapacitating dysentery.
BASTILIKER is discovered and slain.
Several items are discovered, by Roderick, in the saddlebags provided by Count Bast including 2 maps and a Drinking song that reveals clues to navigating the Tunnels.

Session 7
It's no picnic

Our enraged Barbarian rushed forward into the next chamber pursuing the Slayer of his pet dog.

The Tunnel opened up to a large cavern with a lake in the middle and a path following along either side. Directly ahead is an attractive statue of a plain young woman who may have held an urn but the urn has fallen to the floor and smashed, pieces of it stuck to the ground by mineral deposits.

The left passage ended in a fallen brick wall and a statue of an angry brick layer. the right passage ends in a door held closed by a statue of a man “denying passage” with an upheld hand and a stern look.
The barbarian slides the statue aside and opens the door unleashing a swarm of large fire eyed ants. Though easily killed the ants bite and remain latched on even after death grappling the intruders so that more can attack. Other ants spit acid up to 10 feet. as more and more ants pour out of the doorway my master Sir Frederick organized a shield wall and together with the flames, magic, Wolf servant and swords of the others, bull rush back the ants and close the door.

During the attack the watchman and archer regained consciousness from the poison and introduced herself to me. She seemed a bit confused and quite aggressive but no harm was done. She did join into the battle adding her bow to the fray. She is apparently a lt. within Count Bast’s service. A minor noble perhaps or a wealthy merchant family.

Closer inspection by the Cleric and others of the “water girl statue” revealed that she is somewhat reminiscent of old statues of Celestria, she wears a sword at her waist partly hidden by her robes, her head is a separate piece, and there is a hole at the crux of her arm that serves as an attachment point for the base of the urn which is still undamaged enough to fit into the hole and which also has a whole in it’s base. (The Cleric poured water into the hole until something clicked and the statues head began to nod forward. This seems to have triggered something to let the water drain from the lake, revealing a ramp down to a lower level where we could hear water falling and a mill-works, and back up again to a door.

Beyond the door is a large domed space housing a gatehouse, barracks, a kitchen and storage. Except for a rat the area seems unoccupied and un-trapped … so far. The doors in and out can be bolted which we do and we make a fire in the kitchen fireplace. It will be good to brush down and feed the horses. They will be very hungry and have been very nervous being underground for so long. I will unload the supplies to see what we have and fix a hot meal. Hopefully Sir Frederick will let me sleep then for I am quite weary. (Roderick’s Journal)

Session 6
Water sir?

The party is shown to the cellar of the keep through trap doors in the floor of the main hall and directed to take their horses and supplies down. The Cellar holds several enormous casks of ale.

Bestiliker manages to poison many of the keeps residence and most of the party. He then attempts to assassinate Count Bast and flee through a secret passage beneath the keep. The party pursues him through the dark tunnel and the barbarians dog is killed. Bestiliker is not found.


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