Thunder on the wind

Session 8
What Roderick found

xp 4783

The Party makes camp in an underground stronghold while several members recover from incapacitating dysentery.
BASTILIKER is discovered and slain.
Several items are discovered, by Roderick, in the saddlebags provided by Count Bast including 2 maps and a Drinking song that reveals clues to navigating the Tunnels.

Session 7
It's no picnic

Our enraged Barbarian rushed forward into the next chamber pursuing the Slayer of his pet dog.

The Tunnel opened up to a large cavern with a lake in the middle and a path following along either side. Directly ahead is an attractive statue of a plain young woman who may have held an urn but the urn has fallen to the floor and smashed, pieces of it stuck to the ground by mineral deposits.

The left passage ended in a fallen brick wall and a statue of an angry brick layer. the right passage ends in a door held closed by a statue of a man “denying passage” with an upheld hand and a stern look.
The barbarian slides the statue aside and opens the door unleashing a swarm of large fire eyed ants. Though easily killed the ants bite and remain latched on even after death grappling the intruders so that more can attack. Other ants spit acid up to 10 feet. as more and more ants pour out of the doorway my master Sir Frederick organized a shield wall and together with the flames, magic, Wolf servant and swords of the others, bull rush back the ants and close the door.

During the attack the watchman and archer regained consciousness from the poison and introduced herself to me. She seemed a bit confused and quite aggressive but no harm was done. She did join into the battle adding her bow to the fray. She is apparently a lt. within Count Bast’s service. A minor noble perhaps or a wealthy merchant family.

Closer inspection by the Cleric and others of the “water girl statue” revealed that she is somewhat reminiscent of old statues of Celestria, she wears a sword at her waist partly hidden by her robes, her head is a separate piece, and there is a hole at the crux of her arm that serves as an attachment point for the base of the urn which is still undamaged enough to fit into the hole and which also has a whole in it’s base. (The Cleric poured water into the hole until something clicked and the statues head began to nod forward. This seems to have triggered something to let the water drain from the lake, revealing a ramp down to a lower level where we could hear water falling and a mill-works, and back up again to a door.

Beyond the door is a large domed space housing a gatehouse, barracks, a kitchen and storage. Except for a rat the area seems unoccupied and un-trapped … so far. The doors in and out can be bolted which we do and we make a fire in the kitchen fireplace. It will be good to brush down and feed the horses. They will be very hungry and have been very nervous being underground for so long. I will unload the supplies to see what we have and fix a hot meal. Hopefully Sir Frederick will let me sleep then for I am quite weary. (Roderick’s Journal)

Session 6
Water sir?

The party is shown to the cellar of the keep through trap doors in the floor of the main hall and directed to take their horses and supplies down. The Cellar holds several enormous casks of ale.

Bestiliker manages to poison many of the keeps residence and most of the party. He then attempts to assassinate Count Bast and flee through a secret passage beneath the keep. The party pursues him through the dark tunnel and the barbarians dog is killed. Bestiliker is not found.

Session 5

While half of the party makes preparations for the upcoming siege. The other takes the task of restoring some of the magical protections outside. There is a brief but brutal encounter with a small party of hobgoblins and their sick slaves. The party manages to kill or drive off the attackers and disable or accidentally kill the confused commoner slaves. They return quickly to the keep with the slaves and the keeps healer determines that they have been fed an alchemical concoction that is slowly converting them into a living but necrotic state.

Session 4
Swear me an oath

cliff notes:
questioned Eyeatorton
-revealed that a great being named Thunder leads the Goblin armies.
- he was poisoned by an unknown person but the poison didn’t kill him – he was killed by Sir Fred cutting his throat.
- the bugbear was washed, sanctified and mummified in a pose of worship and placed on the road approaching the village.

Sir Thraster and mercenaries/soldiers joined those sheltering in the keep and reported a vast army of goblins sweeping down from the NE pass between the teeth of Goth.

Swore fealty or service to Count Bast (usurping any claim Sir Thraster might make)

A task has been presented pending the out come of the impending siege of the keep by a 1000 large army of Goblin.

Session 3
exodus (total xp 3000+)

After preparations for a night attack and some exploration and fact finding, it is decided that the Party and villagers of Slatetop will rout in the morning for the safety of Kilithe 6 days to the Southwest. The forced march, through the night, of the villagers goes well despite several minor ambush attacks by Goblins and Bugbears. Some villagers are nearly lost do to the predations of the Goblinoids. Sir Frederick manages to capture one of the vile Bugbears in a night raid. Brother Madoc heals the wounded while the other members of the party scout and guard the villagers. With a final charge of cavelry they push through a line of Goblin that attempts to delay the caravan of the refugees. Exhausted the group takes refuge in the Manor ( after much persuasion and horn blowing directed towards the unpleasant Seneshal Bestillier) and lands of Lord Bast certain that a vast army of Goblinoids is coming.
The Seneshal Bestilliker remains unpleasant but does as his lord asks and prepares rooms the the party and the captured Bugbear called “Eyeaterkon” is stockaded within the manors courtyard with a bag over it’s head.

Session 2
Safe Haven!?
The “Mad Cleric”; Gaabryn – Sargent of Exodor; and Scarnce – Giant Sorcerer, took refuge in the “fortified” village that took them in and after a long night defending the walls took some rest in the community barn that served as a stronghold withing the walls. They are Joined by Sir Frederick- mounted Knight of Persant and his servant; a member of the Knights of Celestria; and Cryriosis, a tired, hungry, Barbarian from the Mountains.

As the knights, Barbarian, soldiers and refugees approach the relative safety of the walls. The knight mused that the village did not look as well defended and far from harm as Sir Thraster would have had him believe and ordered the investigation of some of the outlying buildings and ruins. This disturbs a pod of goblins and provokes an ambush as the parties fight valiantly against the emerging Goblins, Goblin dogs, Hobgoblins and Bugbears to reach the opened Gate before the Goblinoids. The Parties defeat the beasts but not before the village leader and several commoners are cut down.

Session 1
A simple task

The Party has been tasked to escort a small resupply caravan of mules to a group of Dwarves starting a new mine in the fru mountain pass. It is an overcast day and there is sporadic thunder in the distance.
Arriving at their destination they find that the minors have been brutally attacked and left for dead. The attack was recent and with some healing they manage to save a few of the minors who report that Bugbears were responsible. While dropping the cargo of wood and tools There is movement in the rocks and shrubs nearby. The anxious porters flee, the party following with the injured. They are pursued through the trails by Goblin riders which the party manages to fight off several times. As they flee they encounter more signs of attacks on outlying villages and outposts emerging to spy the town and their safe haven in the distance under siege. The group decides to try and return to another town to the North East to seek help and rests briefly hidden with a ranger who aids them. After a fitful rest they continue towards the safety of the next Town weaving between what seems like an endless line of monstrous camps, goblin raiders, and Bugbear assassins. With their backs to the town wall the party fights bravely aided by archers on the walls to buy enough time for the stragglers, porters, mules and injured to reach safety before collapsing inside the closing gates.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!
Thunder on the Wind

The setting begins in a Rocky mountain pass at the edge of the Principality of Persanti.


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