Thunder on the wind


The Shard's Eye

NEXT GAME April 8th

Everyone have 300 XP and stay safe.

…As the party approaches the fog enshrouded island the ship fades from view as it casts off, the muted sounds of oars, cracking ice and dripping water seem to echo from the distant towering cliffs of the mountains and mute all other noise. The Panther growls deep in it’s throat at some unseen menace.

Cordon destroys some sort of shark alter and the party is attacked by fish/frog men. (skum) after taking up defensive positions on the short stairway to the lighthouse, the party drives off the skum. Some time is spent exploring (and looting) the cottage and tower a secret door leading to a spiral staircase down is found. At the bottom behind a barred door, the party finds a giant versoin of the “shark headed” skum confronting the Prince of Kilithe. Both figures are frozen in a column of “Fey ice”. The room is cold, dark, and covered in ice. the sounds of splashing can be heard from corridors in the darkness.


Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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