Thunder on the wind

Session 7

It's no picnic

Our enraged Barbarian rushed forward into the next chamber pursuing the Slayer of his pet dog.

The Tunnel opened up to a large cavern with a lake in the middle and a path following along either side. Directly ahead is an attractive statue of a plain young woman who may have held an urn but the urn has fallen to the floor and smashed, pieces of it stuck to the ground by mineral deposits.

The left passage ended in a fallen brick wall and a statue of an angry brick layer. the right passage ends in a door held closed by a statue of a man “denying passage” with an upheld hand and a stern look.
The barbarian slides the statue aside and opens the door unleashing a swarm of large fire eyed ants. Though easily killed the ants bite and remain latched on even after death grappling the intruders so that more can attack. Other ants spit acid up to 10 feet. as more and more ants pour out of the doorway my master Sir Frederick organized a shield wall and together with the flames, magic, Wolf servant and swords of the others, bull rush back the ants and close the door.

During the attack the watchman and archer regained consciousness from the poison and introduced herself to me. She seemed a bit confused and quite aggressive but no harm was done. She did join into the battle adding her bow to the fray. She is apparently a lt. within Count Bast’s service. A minor noble perhaps or a wealthy merchant family.

Closer inspection by the Cleric and others of the “water girl statue” revealed that she is somewhat reminiscent of old statues of Celestria, she wears a sword at her waist partly hidden by her robes, her head is a separate piece, and there is a hole at the crux of her arm that serves as an attachment point for the base of the urn which is still undamaged enough to fit into the hole and which also has a whole in it’s base. (The Cleric poured water into the hole until something clicked and the statues head began to nod forward. This seems to have triggered something to let the water drain from the lake, revealing a ramp down to a lower level where we could hear water falling and a mill-works, and back up again to a door.

Beyond the door is a large domed space housing a gatehouse, barracks, a kitchen and storage. Except for a rat the area seems unoccupied and un-trapped … so far. The doors in and out can be bolted which we do and we make a fire in the kitchen fireplace. It will be good to brush down and feed the horses. They will be very hungry and have been very nervous being underground for so long. I will unload the supplies to see what we have and fix a hot meal. Hopefully Sir Frederick will let me sleep then for I am quite weary. (Roderick’s Journal)


Total XP so far: 4347

Session 7
Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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