Thunder on the wind

Session 4

Swear me an oath

cliff notes:
questioned Eyeatorton
-revealed that a great being named Thunder leads the Goblin armies.
- he was poisoned by an unknown person but the poison didn’t kill him – he was killed by Sir Fred cutting his throat.
- the bugbear was washed, sanctified and mummified in a pose of worship and placed on the road approaching the village.

Sir Thraster and mercenaries/soldiers joined those sheltering in the keep and reported a vast army of goblins sweeping down from the NE pass between the teeth of Goth.

Swore fealty or service to Count Bast (usurping any claim Sir Thraster might make)

A task has been presented pending the out come of the impending siege of the keep by a 1000 large army of Goblin.


Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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