Thunder on the wind

Session 3

exodus (total xp 3000+)

After preparations for a night attack and some exploration and fact finding, it is decided that the Party and villagers of Slatetop will rout in the morning for the safety of Kilithe 6 days to the Southwest. The forced march, through the night, of the villagers goes well despite several minor ambush attacks by Goblins and Bugbears. Some villagers are nearly lost do to the predations of the Goblinoids. Sir Frederick manages to capture one of the vile Bugbears in a night raid. Brother Madoc heals the wounded while the other members of the party scout and guard the villagers. With a final charge of cavelry they push through a line of Goblin that attempts to delay the caravan of the refugees. Exhausted the group takes refuge in the Manor ( after much persuasion and horn blowing directed towards the unpleasant Seneshal Bestillier) and lands of Lord Bast certain that a vast army of Goblinoids is coming.
The Seneshal Bestilliker remains unpleasant but does as his lord asks and prepares rooms the the party and the captured Bugbear called “Eyeaterkon” is stockaded within the manors courtyard with a bag over it’s head.


Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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