Thunder on the wind

Session 2

Safe Haven!?

The “Mad Cleric”; Gaabryn – Sargent of Exodor; and Scarnce – Giant Sorcerer, took refuge in the “fortified” village that took them in and after a long night defending the walls took some rest in the community barn that served as a stronghold withing the walls. They are Joined by Sir Frederick- mounted Knight of Persant and his servant; a member of the Knights of Celestria; and Cryriosis, a tired, hungry, Barbarian from the Mountains.

As the knights, Barbarian, soldiers and refugees approach the relative safety of the walls. The knight mused that the village did not look as well defended and far from harm as Sir Thraster would have had him believe and ordered the investigation of some of the outlying buildings and ruins. This disturbs a pod of goblins and provokes an ambush as the parties fight valiantly against the emerging Goblins, Goblin dogs, Hobgoblins and Bugbears to reach the opened Gate before the Goblinoids. The Parties defeat the beasts but not before the village leader and several commoners are cut down.


Grimmtouched wolfsnap

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