Thunder on the wind

Session 13

Into the Bay?

A reliquary for Craven.

Sir Frederick finds Cravens (d and falling apart) mug of Ivory and Silver in Maggie Mayhem’s shop and an agreement is struck that Sir Frederick will pay for the construction of a fine cabinet to display the “Relic” of Craven, Hero of the great war. Minstrels are paid to sing his praises through-out the land and Maggie discretely sets the agreeable amount pilgrims may pay to see the artifact in her shop. (No cost, free advertising, and she gets to charge customers just to browse her shop… and sell commemorative tokens.) – or at the worst she gets a new shelf and the belt of Sir Frederick to adorn her shop.

The party Makes it’s way to Clayport accompanied by Condro and Lady Bagfase. There they meet Captain Bagfase and put up their horses with Baldric. The Journey is fishy smelling and mostly uneventful with the exception of some gagging sounds from the large cat and Barbarian.

They eventually arrive at their destination and disembark onto the rapidly melting ice surrounding Beacon island (Frost Island)


Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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