Thunder on the wind

Session 12

The Prince's tale

Lunch with the Royalty

Lunch is in a large Airy Dinning hall open to the courtyard balcony on one side. Attending are:
Yorick Falstaff – Seneshall and Head of affairs- distracted but fastidious. Very interested in Persant’s current events.

Micheal – Elwood Wainscott the 4th – Has an odd look to him (fey-marked) He is concerned about the increase in refugees and impact w/ elves and the Darkwood.

Mordin Sage – Dark brooding and lethal looking, he is the current commander of the Dragon Guard – an elite combat and scouting force that is feared and respected.

4 Dragon Guards- tattooed stoic but have a up to something aura about them. It is discovered later that they have captured a bugbear and had him wrapped in a green ribbon with bells – exactly as ordered.

Froth – Master brewer, Halfling / sage will tell the story of the Lost Prince of Kilithe.

The tale of The lost Prince of Kilithe

By the agreement of the peace moot after the colonists of Persant had driven back and defeated the hordes of the great incursion, the Blood Clasp was given to the Ruler of the Fortress city of Kilithe were The hero Craven is entombed. There it remained in the Vaults, and should have remained. Persant Blossomed into a fine Kingdom of honorable deeds and wealth came to the kingdom in the form of metal, wool, wheat, and the Finest horses. But the greed of the Nobles of Persant combined with the eventual boredom of the knights bred internal conflicts.
About 40 years ago Prince Tommilo Bogwrathe, Lord of Kilithe Fortress over the forests of Bast, and hater of Elves died of mysterious circumstances. The blame was put on Elven assassins, and his son Prince Padd Bogwrathe under the guidance of an appointed advisor became the Tyrant of Kilithe. He was well known for his excesses and desire for conflict. He was the lord responsible for many of the early border conflicts between Tridracus and Persant. It is told that in the days following the Destruction of the trade bridge between our kingdoms he went quite mad with rage and attempted to lead an invasion by sea. When the King of Persant denied the ships he demanded he commandeered 3 privateers who in time reported that he had “fallen overboard in a terrible accident” in which two of the ships was lost in The Breach. (The Advisor has since ruled Kilithe – Count Ericor, and continued many of the same excesses)

The tale of the frozen isle of Shards Eye

Lady Bagfase – A “Lady” from the coast and a bit of a story teller. She discovered the map fragment and knows the fisher folk lore fairly well. Her Father owns a fishing vessel.Wants passage to Apple cove.

The Beacon is a small abandoned lighthouse on a small rocky Island in the Breach, a narrow and dangerous straight once used by privateers and owned by Persant. The passage has been plagued by fog and ice , even in summer, rendering it useless.

See the Main map for a Map of the Tridracus coast.


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