Thunder on the wind

Session 1

A simple task

The Party has been tasked to escort a small resupply caravan of mules to a group of Dwarves starting a new mine in the fru mountain pass. It is an overcast day and there is sporadic thunder in the distance.
Arriving at their destination they find that the minors have been brutally attacked and left for dead. The attack was recent and with some healing they manage to save a few of the minors who report that Bugbears were responsible. While dropping the cargo of wood and tools There is movement in the rocks and shrubs nearby. The anxious porters flee, the party following with the injured. They are pursued through the trails by Goblin riders which the party manages to fight off several times. As they flee they encounter more signs of attacks on outlying villages and outposts emerging to spy the town and their safe haven in the distance under siege. The group decides to try and return to another town to the North East to seek help and rests briefly hidden with a ranger who aids them. After a fitful rest they continue towards the safety of the next Town weaving between what seems like an endless line of monstrous camps, goblin raiders, and Bugbear assassins. With their backs to the town wall the party fights bravely aided by archers on the walls to buy enough time for the stragglers, porters, mules and injured to reach safety before collapsing inside the closing gates.


Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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