Thunder on the wind

Drawing the wall Part 1

The party is now 9th level and have all sworn on the red Gem of Craven to support Sir Frederick in calling forth the blood wall to halt the Goblin horde and their plague zombies. You begin just north of the Darkwood in an elfin battle camp. The party joins a cavalry unit set to charge the left flank of an invading force of Hobgobins.

Red and black clouds gather over the party as they thunder forward, an un-natural coolness radiates from their left. As the hooves of the party pass over the ground it is stained with blood red light and begins to rise. Like a plow furrowing the ground, Great mounds grow behind them before bursting upwards in a spray of dirt, rock and plants rock face, growing to a great height before cresting at the top and tumbling down upon itself. Large chunks of debris tumble down rolling and taking on monstrous stone forms that leap forward crushing all they encounter; Stone horses spotted with dirt, dried grasses for manes and fire for eyes; Animals grow and mutate into ferocious beasts howling; Vegetation grows to immense size or spreads, suffocating or breaking asunder structures, geography and bodies.

Your enemies and allies flee in fear.

for the blood wall mechanics read here The Blood wall

You are on day 4 of a 8 to 9 day journey wading through armies of Hobgoblins, innocents and war machines for 23 hours at a stretch. The party has just fortified a camp by circling the wall before the heart of the Goblin hordes driven to a frenzy by the thunder to stop you all. 5 huge earth elementals have been instructed to throw rocks into the enemies fortifications while the party rests. The next series of battles will be epic as Sir Frederick and the riders attempt to barricade Persant before the plague zombie hordes invade them!


Grimmtouched Grimmtouched

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