Thunder on the wind!

A no holds barred, fast moving campaign to explore. Gaming events will be conducted as single session games ending with completion or failure. Characters may join, leave or die at any point. Experience (and treasure) will be awarded liberally to those who survive. ;P

Game notes

Character generation:
  • Abilities: 20 Point buy – High fantasy
  • 100% HP for 1st level
  • Standard starting money + one 100GP/lvl Item. (It can also be applied to letters of state or deeds of property)
  • Each character must roll (1d4) to determine:
  1. They own/manage land or property of their own.
  2. They owe fealty to a Noble, land owner or establishment.
  3. They are a member of an order/organization (No land borders).
  4. They are on the run, constant traveler, or criminal.
  • Half breed races are distrusted.
  • Monster races will be considered and may be openly discriminated against in game.
  • Orcs are Hated.
House rules:
  • Receiving Damage that exceeds your highest ability score in dex, str, or Con will cause a significant change in circumstance during combat and will leave a permanent mark.
  • Magic persists until it’s duration expires or a counter spell dispels it.
  • Character advancement will be handled between sessions and not during play.
  • Role playing that advances the plot will be awarded with a “divine blessing” in the form of some temporary beneficial circumstance. (+1 resistance, 1 free re-roll, Protection, a contact)
  • Any player that presents the GM with a session goal at the beginning of play and reaches that goal, will gain 1d3 skill points.
  • 1s fail catastrophically, 20s succeed brilliantly.
  • Fear the Fey

Thunder on the wind

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